This post is an homage to the photographers who take time to video blog (vlog) in order to help amateurs like myself learn the craft. There is a plethora of vloggers, but it takes effort some to finde the really interesting ones with consistently high quality content.

I personally prefer Youtube channels that are about making great photos rather than doing gear reviews, but below you will find some with a little bit of both. I plan to expand and edit this list from time to time, so check back again for more inspiration.

Thomas Heaton

Probably among the most followed photographers on Youtube. His vlog is mostly about landscape photography. I watch his videos not only for the tips on technique and composition, but also for the great tour of the locations you often get.

Ben Horne

Does large format landscape photography. Like Heaton he is a good narrator and his videos give you great insight into the process of finding a good composition.

Simon Baxter

His videos are always very inspiring and well produced. A master of the intimate landscape and woodland photography!

Adam Gibbs

Definitely deserves more subscribes on his Youtube channel. Does nature and landscape photography throughout western Canada and beyond.


Channel by Gavin Hardcastle. His channel is starting to get some real traction and if he keeps up creating similar great content, I predict Fototripper will become one of the most popular photo vlogs.

Nev Cartledge

This channel is not just about landscape photography but also about travelling and living full time in a camper van.

Nick Carver

Shoots film, mostly medium or large format, often out in the desert.

January 11, 2019

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