I took up photography as a hobby a long time ago and slowly became passionate about it – especially once I got my first digital camera. However I am in many ways still a novice trying to master the use of light and composition to create photographs that go beyond the ordinary.

I live in Denmark and consequently this is where I do most of my photography. However some of the photos on this site are from my travels around the world.

Can I use the photographs?

All content on this site are, unless otherwise noted, subject to copyright and are the property of me. This means that you may not reproduce, download, copy, store, manipulate my photographs, or use them whole or in part of a derivative work, without my written permission. All rights reserved.

That being said. If you like to use one of my photographs please feel free contact me indicating which photo you are interested in and what you intend to use it for. Should you have any comments, questions or thoughts about my photos also please let me know.

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